Sunday, 24 June 2012

Who can't wait for the London 2012 Olympics?

           Big cheers for the synchronised swimmers. 

You don’t have to wait. It’s already happening right now. An annual competition for families has taken this year’s London Olympics as their theme, with tremendous results. Despite the torrential rain, they are all still standing - like true champions!
The weight-lifters are looking pretty strong this year, too (although a little de-fuzzing wouldn’t go amiss!)

Those rapids are really testing one competitor’s resolve!

Whilst Jenny’s just hanging about for a moment, warming up and waiting for the gymnastics to begin.

Team GB always does well in equestrian events.

And here’s another medal under the belt, in the 100 metres freestyle (I think his label’s showing).

Robin Baseball-Cap is going for gold in the archery.

Marion Maiden is determined to beat him though!

Here's a champ determined to give a knock-out performance.

Getting ready for that tricky turn…

                                 … Or taking a high dive.

He may have had ‘one for the road’, instead of the cycle lane!

                       But it’s this chap that’s for the high jump.

What a parade of world-class champions!